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The Smith Family Secret is a series of chapter book fantasy novels written by Alison Potoma.


Illustrations are by Sarah Lynne Reul.

Check out Sarah Lynne's website:


The first novel, The Smith Family Secret was published in 2013 by the author.The books are written as a third person narrative from the perspective of the main character, artist and brother Cardiff Smith, as he discovers the ins and outs of the Gift of Draw, the ability to make anything he draws come to life. Unfortunately, anyone who has ever had the gift disappears, including Cardiff's mother. He navigates how to use his gift responsibly and ultimately strives to bring Mom home.

The Smith Family Secret 
Book 1

The Smith Family Secret: Book 1 is just the beginning of a new chapter book series the whole family can enjoy... Anything Cardiff Smith draws comes to life, at a terrible cost. Everyone who has ever had the gift disappears, including Cardiff’s mother. But what good is having an amazing gift if you can never use it? Cardiff starts with a pink bicycle for his little sister Paris, draws an electric guitar for his big brother Zurich, and secretly leaves gifts for everyone at school. When he decides to draw a park over the old lot in town Cardiff might be taking it a step too far. The Smith family secret is a secret after all. 

The Smith Family Secret
Book 2: The Lonely Gibbon


When Cardiff meets a lonely gibbon at the zoo he gets an idea that might be taking it a step too far... and up a tree! The Smith Family Secret is a secret, after all.

The Smith Family Secret
Book 3: The Fairy Garden


When Cardiff visits the children's hospital to help Miss Yordan with a mural, his attempt to make the patients happy by drawing magical fairies throws the hospital into chaos! Can he round up the fairies before his secret gets out? Cardiff, Paris and Zurich need Mom now more than ever. Project "Get Mom Back" has begun.

SFS series cover_color_sized3.png
The Smith Family Secret
The Complete Series
Books 1 thru 5

This is the Complete Series. Includes Books 1 - 3 and...

Book 4: The Sweet Shoppe - Cardiff enacts his plan to get Mom back, but it doesn’t go exactly as planned and he ends up making a mess of Muffin's with Mom.

Book 5: The Super Smith - All Smith's who have the Gift of Draw eventually go missing. But maybe Cardiff can do what all other Smith's have not been able to: come back. Cardiff and his siblings make an unexpected magical journey with the hopes of bringing Mom back, and find a bit more than they bargained for.

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